Tuesday, October 2, 2012

White Lies

      I really hate lying. So I try my very best to say the truth, or if I can't say it I might not be telling stories to cover up my mistakes. I just stay in silence and try to fix things in doing good deeds not to slip-up again.

      Little did I know that I'm going to make lies, conceive good stories to protect me, 'cause if not it would bring me in so much trouble that surely I couldn't take. That's why I need to use white lies.

      This is so hard but I need to continue my life and give my self a second chance to make things right. Step back and achieve things in right places and time. Pursue my life and make sure to fall in its must route to pass. It would kill me for this time and feel so much pessimism but I do believe that the very true will come out in time in my own means.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Name -- Daisylee

      My real name is Daisylee, for me this is very beautiful and unique, and it's identical with my personality-- I am Beautiful and Unique, indeed. ( Please bear with me 'cause my mom told me that ) hehe ..

      If you have known me since when I was young, you might have been calling me "sysy", and for me it sounds so sweet that's why I really like it when they are calling me this way. My elders in the family are also calling me like that, my aunties and my uncles specially on my mother's side.

      My childhood friends and classmates  used to call me "daisy", they get tired calling me the whole thing so they cut it to make it short. My siblings are also calling me the same way. Sometimes my elder brother and sister are just calling me "sy" for short and its okay with me.

      When I started studying in college my classmates were calling daisy too, but month didn't pass I preferred to be called "Leeh" to have a new image and new taste for my name. It sounds so boyish which I like very much 'cause I was acting like I really am. Haha. But I am a girl indeed. Maybe I was just called "astig" ( in our language Filipino) and acts not just like the other girls which are so girly type and "maarte" or stagy girls. I was just a simple girl that actually can go with the boys.

      Until now I have been called Leeh. Since I was already working, my office mates and co-workers are calling me that way. But ofcourse in a legal and formal way they were calling me in my full name.

      Those are ways that people used to call me. Different ways but only identify me. That's me, and that's the name, my name - Daisylee.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Post

Hi, my name is Daisylee Saberon.... most of my friends call me “Lee”so maybe you can call me the same if you want . Well, this is my second blog, my first was a Filipino version of my words you can read my entries on this link >  http://daisylee-saberon.blogspot.com/    Here, in my new blog entitled  “Anything Everything”  as I did on my previews blog I will also post things (in my own way) that actually happens to me , or things that I wanted to share just to express my feelings and creativity within me (as if I do) haha .. I’m about to post things here that I wanted to share to everyone.. It can be words and experiences that really inspire me or whatever.... well its always up to me .  so I hope you can enjoy reading and browsing here in my blog. Thanks !