Tuesday, October 2, 2012

White Lies

      I really hate lying. So I try my very best to say the truth, or if I can't say it I might not be telling stories to cover up my mistakes. I just stay in silence and try to fix things in doing good deeds not to slip-up again.

      Little did I know that I'm going to make lies, conceive good stories to protect me, 'cause if not it would bring me in so much trouble that surely I couldn't take. That's why I need to use white lies.

      This is so hard but I need to continue my life and give my self a second chance to make things right. Step back and achieve things in right places and time. Pursue my life and make sure to fall in its must route to pass. It would kill me for this time and feel so much pessimism but I do believe that the very true will come out in time in my own means.